Degree Application & Commencement Participation

  • Use this form to indicate when you anticipate completing your degree and whether or not you wish to participate in commencement. Once the application has been filed, students have one academic year to complete degree requirements, before reapplication becomes necessary.
  • Fall participation: degree requirements must be fulfilled by end of the fall semester. Spring participation: degree requirements must be fulfilled by the end of the spring semester or enrolled in up to 6 units in summer.
  • See Academic Catalog for degree conferral dates.
  • If any changes occur to this form, students must notify the Registrar's Office as soon as possible.
  • Students who participate in commencement thereby release the use of their photo and name in commencement-related publications.
  • For the most up-to-date information concerning commencement ceremonies, check the FPU website.
Due Dates to participation in commencement Fall Ceremony Spring Ceremony
Degree Application September 30* January 31*
Degree Completion Clearance Documentation October 1 March 1
Undergrad & Grad Clearance Documentation November 1 March 15
Evaluation of Honors Eligibility November 15 April 10
* Late fees apply after these dates.
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Statement of Intent to Participate in Commencement

Anticipated date of completion of all degree requirements:
I plan to participate in ...

By submitting this form I affirm that the information is correct. I am also affirming that I have read the university catalog and understand the degree/graduation requirements associated with my program.